Frugal Friday~

It's that time again!  Time for the Frugal Friday link party!  I'm so glad you're here.

Are you ready to par-tay??  Let's get right to it!

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Thin For You Thursday~

Welcome to this week's Thin For You Thursday!

This week was a bit of a challenge for both of us.  But here we are celebrating the small victories!

WENDY:  Do you ever have those weeks where you're just plain munchy (that's a real word in my world)?  Carbs were calling my name this week.  And I gave in more than I wish I had.  It was very frustrating for me.  So my weight loss this week was only about 1/2 lb.  But I'm celebrating the fact that the scale went down a bit and not up!  I'm trying to come up with a good way to avoid the "treat closet" at the office where I work.  It's an entire cabinet full of easily-accessible carbs!  And it calls to me all day, every day at work.  Some days I do great at avoiding it...some days not so great.  Does anyone have any good suggestions for overcoming the temptation that is the "treat closet"?

image via Graphics Fairy

HOLLY:  So... this week all that I have wanted to do is eat, and eat, and stuff 
my face, and then eat some more. It's partly because I am female (and 
all that this implies. ;) ) It's also because I am a nervous snacker and 
all four of my kiddos went back to school this week. Including my tiny 
little red headed girl who is only in 6th grade yet the great state of 
California sees fit in sending 6th graders to MIDDLE SCHOOL to get EATEN 
ALIVE!!!(needless to say it gave me stress)!! And lastly, because I love 
to eat. So...I formulated a method. Yes, an actual method to snacking. 
I'm always a little bit late to the game so there is a possibility that 
everybody else on the planet already does this, but... I have been 
freezing my snacks. (cookies, chocolates, anything freeze-able.) They 
last longer this way so I don't feel that compulsion to eat the yummy 
stuff before it goes bad, and I have to think about what I am eating. I 
can't just mindlessly snack on something if it is in the freezer. I have 
to get it out and give it some time to thaw. Then if I want seconds I 
have to do it again. It definitely deters snacking. 

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Frugal Favorites~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Favorites!

I'm excited to share a few of my favorite posts from last week's Frugal Friday link party.

Champagne DIY shared a brilliant DIY "wallpaper" idea.  Would you believe this fabulous wall was created using contact paper?

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Book Review: Natural Accents~

Hey kids!

I always love it when I get to share a book written by a dear friend.  So, this morning I am thrilled to share a new book written by my wonderful friend, Stacy Risenmay of Not Just A Housewife.

Her book, Natural Accents, is a beautiful book with tons of fabulous step-by-step tutorials and ideas on ways to bring nature into our homes.  

She really knocked it out of the park on this one.   Her photography is gorgeous and her ideas are unique.

Two projects I especially loved...

This adorable hanging planter.

Photo via Not Just A Housewife

And this ingenious terrarium side table.  

Photo via Not Just A Housewife
I mean seriously?  Is this not the about the most creative thing ever?  

And she shares how to make it. 

In her book.

I know the most talented people!  And I get so excited when they have the opportunity to share their talents with the world.  

Stacy's book is available now!  You should check it out.  Seriously.

The above link is an affiliate link.  
(See the disclosure on my advertising page for more information)


I was provided with a book in exchange for a review.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.



Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of the Frugal Friday link party!

I'm so glad you can join me for today's party!

Let's get started with the fun...

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Thin For You Thursday~

Welcome to Thin For You Thursday!

Holly and I were so excited with the reaction to last week's post!  I wanted to thank those that commented...it seems that our situation resonates with a lot of you!  And I wanted to mention that my comment responses aren't working...so if you have a question or need feedback on a comment, we will either email you back (if you aren't a "no-reply" blogger) or answer you in the following week's post.  We both read the comments...they matter to us!  So just know that we aren't ignoring your comments!

Now on to this week's post...

HOLLY:  It has been an emotional week for our family, and an emotional few months for mine. Three funerals and two weddings. (sounds like a movie) We are coping and healing, and life goes on. But, along with these things come events and FOOD!!! Social eating and EMOTIONAL eating, and sometimes just eating 'cause there is yummy food and you have a mouth. 

WENDY:  Holly and I were laughing at our timing with introducing Thin For You Thursday last week.  As she mentioned, it was a very emotional week.  She was in town for a family funeral.  So we did what comes naturally when there are family events.  We ate.  It was also my little family's annual back-to-school dinner this past weekend. It could have been disastrous for our waistlines.  But, here's the good thing...we didn't go crazy eating!

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